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Meet Tim

I remember when it hit me. I was a junior in college when I determined that what would bring the most satisfaction in my career would be to have a deep impact in people’s lives. I felt there was no better way to do it than to help them within their family relationships. I was conflicted however, because I was equally interested in business. Whenever I would learn a theory or method for intervening and strengthening a family system, in the back of my mind I was translating it to “How would this effect a department or organization?”

While talking to a friend during my doctoral program at Virginia Tech, I told him of my dilemma and desire to use what I was learning in Marriage and Family Therapy to intervene in organizations or other human systems. He told me I ought to look up Harold Kurstedt, a well-respected professor and innovative organizational consultant. To make a long story short, this man loved my ideas and said “You’ve got your hands all over what is most needed in business.” He went to bat for me, got me an assistantship, an office, and helped me fill my first group for the week long training and continued coaching of Solution Focused Leadership.

The experience led to me work inside a large hospital organization that had recently gone through acquisitions and restructuring. A hefty amount of anger, distrust, and disruption that had ensued. Over the course of two years, we had most of the VPs and midlevel managers go through the course of learning how to take a solution focused approach to problems, how to coach one another around work issues, and–what was most exciting to me–how to effect key relationships at home and at work. The resulting success was a dream come true.

The moment that really took my breath away however, came after we had talked about change taking time and sustained effort, but that it can also happen quickly. One of the VP’s, on a bathroom break, stepped into the hall and called a sister she hadn’t talked to in over 20 years. There had been a falling out over how their parent’s property was divided at the death of their father. With great anxiety, humility and a flicker of hope, she told her sister that she was sorry, wanted to have her in her life, and asked for her forgiveness. She came back into the room after those ten minutes, tears running down her cheeks, happy reunion results to her cohorts.

Where did the magic come from?

I believe it was a combination of four things.

1) A system that is in enough pain that they are motivated to do what it takes to change

2) Methods and models that provide awareness, skills, practice and accountability

3) A facilitator with absolute belief in the power of individuals and groups to improve, heal and sustain

4) A group who’s authenticity and transparency leads to bonding and investment in each other’s success

Since that time, I have spent my career looking at people, families, and organizations and identifying what was necessary for them to see real and sustainable improvement. Sometimes standard practices to bringing about growth and change, aren’t satisfactorily doing the job. That’s when my belief that real, lasting change can absolutely happen pushes me to look for a better way. Short-term change is only the starting point. Real success only comes when one has truly overcome, when a key change becomes the new norm, and potential is reached.

With over 25 years of experience innovating in my field of behavioral health as a private practitioner, and an owner in wilderness, residential, and transition programs, my mission is to help people, families, and organizations move significantly closer to their potential and experience the resulting satisfaction and happiness this brings.

Innovations in curriculum, technology, and human systems come as a natural extension of this drive to see change happen. And to see it last.

My family is my world. As a passionate advocate for strong and happy families everywhere, I am pleased you’re here. It means you seek lasting change as well.

Because family success is the success that matters


Praise for Tim

Knowing Tim for the past 20 years, there isn’t a better source of knowledge, information and wisdom on how to lead a healthy, worthy life at home and in your family.

Harold Kurstedt, Ph.D., Hal G. Prillaman Emeritus Professor, Virginia Tech, co-founder Newport Group

Tim has that mixture of competence, wisdom and authenticity. And as they combine, it creates a really special professional.

Tony Mosier, COO and co-founder, Telos

Tim Thayne is one of those individuals you could trust in any circumstance to do the right thing. His integrity, coupled with his innovative style has made a difference for many families and his influence is a key reason more and more attention is directed to treatment in the home and community. Tim’s passion to serve others stems from a variety of experiences both as a clinician and as an entrepreneur. From raising kids to prize pigs Timwants quality. I highly recommend Tim to those looking for excellent services with truest staying power.

Kimball DeLaMare, LCSW, founding president, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Journal Article

Inventing a Wheel: A case study of innovations to boost post residential treatment outcomes

Journal of Therapeutic School and Programs, January 2017


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