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Why Satisfied Clients are Ticking Time Bombs: Surefire Ways to Make Certain Their Positive Experience Lasts

Keynote speech to address behavioral health professionals, educators, treatment program owners.

Beyond Freud and Fido: What the American Family Really Needs

Keynote address for family and parent focused audiences or for professionals in the counseling and behavioral health field.

For Parents With Teens/Young Adults In Treatment

Not by Chance: How Parents Boost Their Teens Success In and After Treatment

Mindset workshop for parents who are early in the treatment process.

Transition 101: How to Navigate the Excitement, Joy and Testing Following Treatment

Concrete training for parents nearing the end of treatment.

Home Teams: How to Involve Natural Mentors in Your Teen’s Treatment Journey for Greater Success

Build your Home Team during treatment for continued support years into the future. A keynote for parents, treatment professionals, and educators.

General Parenting

It’s More About You than Them: Parenting Lessons from a Horse

Knowledge + patience + self-awareness = skill

Entitlement: Don’t Feed the Beast

How parents can keep from creating teens and young adults who expect much, and produce little.

Specifically For UN And Public Policy Scenarios

In-Home Parent Coaching for Struggling Teens and Young Adults

A model to support the United Nations sustainable development goals



New Orleans, LA
Evangelhouse Academy


Heber, UT
Daniel’s Academy


Wabash, IN
Compase Rose


Pike, NH
Mountain Valley Treatment Center


New York City, NY


Sandpoint, ID
Northwest Academy


Atlanta, GA
Shepherd’s Hill


NATSAP Program Webinar


Best Parents on Planet Earth

When Your Child Goes To College

Is the deck stacked in favor of treatment success?

Other than the choice to seek treatment in the first place, being equipped and supported through transition is the most critical step your family will take. Are you prepared?

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