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Resources For Families

As a parent with a struggling son or daughter you undoubtedly wrestle with questions like: • Is this just a stage, or do I need to get professional help?

  • If I send my child into treatment, will it really work?
  • I know I need to be doing something for when they come home, but what exactly?
  • Is there a tested blueprint for building a successful treatment experience?

There are answers and hope for each of these. With curriculum, parent coaching, transition services, and technology, thousands of families have found skills, support, and success. You can too. With a range of resources matched to any situation and budget, call now to get started.

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Homeward Bound

Recognized leaders in intervention and transition services for families with a struggling young person, anywhere you call home.

Not By Chance

A targeted program to help parents with a struggling teen/young adult learn and play their game changing role during and after treatment


Tracking, celebrating and maintaining positive change through the use of mobile technology.


A Framework

with David and Jinny Smith

For All the Hard Work That She’s Done

with Cheri Wood

I Never Even Thought of the Transition Period

with Danny Pendleburry

It Resonates With Me

with Cherokee Creek

To Know There Is a System is a Game Changer

with multiple parents

Is the deck stacked in favor of treatment success?

Other than the choice to seek treatment in the first place, being equipped and supported through transition is the most critical step your family will take. Are you prepared?

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