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In today’s fully-immersed digital society, it can be easy to think of the use of technology as an addiction. But have you ever considered how technology can be used as a tool to help people overcome addiction and other mental health issues? When used effectively, technology can help individuals find the support they need to reach their goals and stick with them.

I would love to introduce you to Rallyest, my new treatment success app. Rallyest aims to improve recovery success rates and benefit everyone involved in the recovery process. Let’s look at how this technology can change the treatment experience for clients, family members, and treatment programs.

Connecting the Dots. Having a loved one in a treatment program often means having very little insight into what is actually going on. Without regular updates or communication, family members are left to wonder and worry about how things are progressing.

Rallyest makes it possible to include a client’s team of supporters during and after treatment. Anyone chosen to be in the support circle for a client (immediate and extended family, friends, co-workers, clergy, treatment professionals, etc.) can all be kept in the loop regarding a client’s journey.

This makes a big difference for those going through treatment and their families. Clients have an uninterrupted connection with their support network and families feel included in their loved one’s treatment and informed about what’s going on inside the program.

Cheerleading and Accountability. It’s a simple fact of human nature that we all do better with a combination of cheerleading and accountability. When clients can interact with their circle of support, they are more motivated to succeed than they would be going at it alone. This community of support provides the encouragement and motivation needed to help them push through. Keeping in touch with loved ones also adds another layer of accountability to the recovery process. 

In addition, since Rallyest is built on transparency, it helps keep treatment programs accountable as well. Rallyest collects data and feedback from clients and their support networks to allow programs to constantly improve their practices. 

By harnessing technologies like these, we can transform the reality of treatment programs for clients, their families, and their support networks. We can also improve client outcomes, helping individuals recover for life.

Learn more about Rallyest here.

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